The teeter-totter of emotions that goes between completely surrendering to maternal love and the built-in wall of protection that comes up when you think about someone ripping your child out of your life is indescribable. The Davis family picked up Malachi from a shelter at 9-days-old. He and his six siblings were taken into custody when the state found their living conditions negligent and dangerous. Bio-Mom was cognitively delayed and Bio-Dad was an admitted gang member who had 42 arrests on his record; however, there were moments when Stephanie was led to believe that one of them could potentially gain custody. The bond created within this special family made every setback and ridiculous “mistake” made within the private agency they used to foster Malachi almost unbearable at times. The constant uncertainty only made them want to fight harder for their son. When Mrs. Davis learned that the Judge who would ultimately decide where this extraordinary little boy would spend his life was not hearing all of the details in the case, she decided to write letters to him to ensure that he heard her full story, regardless of the outcome. With each chapter you can feel the love and the fear that were imminent and growing every day. The details of their four-year journey were documented meticulously and included every heart-breaking discovery and soul-bearing emotion, from the guilt Stephanie felt secretly hoping for Bio-Mom’s failure to the unconditional raw love felt for Malachi.

*Please note that most names have been changed.